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5 Things You May Not Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Although iced coffee is popular among the masses, it Is not the only option available to those wanting to enjoy caffeine on a hot day. Cold-brew coffee can often be mistaken for iced coffee, but it is different in many ways.

If you have heard about cold brew coffee and are keen to learn more, then why not read through the following things you may not know about cold brew coffee.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Can Contain the Same Amount of Caffeine

Given that a different process is used to create cold brew coffee, it is understandable why some think it would contain less caffeine. However, this iteration of coffee can have as much caffeine as its conventional counterparts.

Factors can affect the amount of caffeine present, such as the type of bean used. However, cold brew coffee can still provide the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Lasts Longer

Many will have experienced times when they have gone to drink their coffee, only to find that it does not taste as good as it should. Although conventional coffee may only last a few hours, cold brew coffee can last up to a week.

To ensure the coffee retains its freshness, it must be stored in the fridge. Leaving the coffee in an environment at room temperature could make it unsafe to drink.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Is Less Acidic

Some will enjoy coffee but need to ensure their diet contains little acid. Fortunately, cold brew coffee is less acidic than other options, meaning those on low acid diets can enjoy coffee.

Those with IBS can also enjoy cold-brew coffee, although medical advice should be sought before consuming it. 

Cold Brew Coffee Taste Different to Iced Coffee

Iced coffee can contain the bitterness of a coffee bean. Some enjoy this, but others will want to avoid this when drinking coffee cold. Cold brew coffee has a naturally sweet flavour, perfect for those looking for healthier alternatives.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Is Very Versatile

Those who enjoy cold brew coffee will find that the ratio of coffee ground and cold water can be amended to alter the taste profile. Other ingredients can be added easily, including coconut and chicory.

This ensures that those who adore cold brew coffee can always change the recipe, ensuring that cold brew coffee never becomes bland.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Can Offer the Same Health Benefits as Conventional Coffee

Many may already be aware of the potential health benefits that coffee offers, but some may be under the impression that these benefits are omitted from cold brew coffee. Fortunately, this is not the case.

The benefits yielded from consuming coffee can vary between different people, but reported health benefits include increased metabolism and helping contend with some mental health conditions.

Because of coffee’s varying benefits, those with a current condition or are taking medication should consult their doctor before consuming coffee. However, those who have enjoyed the health benefits of regular coffee in the past will find the same is possible with cold brew coffee.

Although ice brew coffee can be considered a new addition, it is a beverage that is finding favour with coffee enthusiasts looking for a refreshing take on their favourite drink.

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