Finding the Perfect Coffee for the Best Experience

Anyone that visits their supermarket will know how much choice there is regarding coffee. However, the supermarket aisles are normally filled with conventional coffee options that offer nothing new, which can sometimes give the impression that there is little to get excited about in the world of coffee.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, and an online search can unveil precisely how many options there are when exploring coffee. 

However, there are still some factors that need to be considered to ensure that you are getting the absolute best from your coffee, regardless of what your favourite caffeinated beverage is.

The following is an overview of the considerations that need to be made when purchasing coffee, as well as some tips to ensure you are making the best choice first time.

Purchase Your Coffee from the Right Place

As well as having little in the way of innovation, the freshness of the coffee can also pale comparatively to online offerings.

Choosing a dedicated coffee vendor ensures you are given the choice you are looking for, while being confident that the coffee you are experiencing is at its freshest.

Choosing a specialised coffee vendor also means you can ask questions regarding roasts and flavours.

Excellent Value Does Not Mean Spending Less

Given the number of options available online, it should come as no surprise that those wanting to enjoy premium coffee from the comfort of their living room will want access to great value. 

However, this should not be confused with purchasing the cheapest coffee beans.

If coffee beans are cheap, then it normally means the quality of the coffee bean is far from perfect. This means that regardless of the reason you are purchasing coffee, you are unlikely to enjoy any of the benefits premium coffee can offer.

This is not to say that those searching for creative coffee online should not take advantage of excellent offers but being aware of the quality of the beans ensures you have more control over the enjoyment of your coffee.

Take Some Time to Understand the Coffee Roasts Available

Those exploring coffee for the first time may be unsure of what coffee roasting achieves, but it essentially alters the characteristics of the coffee beans.

For example, light roasted coffee beans will retain a brighter and fruity taste than dark roasted coffee, which will have a lot more body. Finding the perfect coffee can mean looking at the different roasts available, and determining what roast fits yours needs and taste buds best.

The Right Type of Coffee Grind is Important

It is not only the roast of the coffee bean that is important, but also the way it is ground. There are several ways of brewing coffee at home, and the method used can depend on the type of coffee you want to prepare at home.

A coffee grinder is a must when preparing coffee at home. There are plenty of options available that can meet all budget types and is another integral step towards creating the perfect cup of coffee.

As with other aspects of coffee preparation, the strength and taste can depend on several other factors, but the finer the grind, the stronger the coffee will be. However, there can be coffee machines that will only work with one type of grind, so those considering a coffee machine need to ensure it also meets their requirements. 

The following is an overview of the grinds available and how they are used when preparing coffee.

Coarse Grind

Also referred to as an ‘infusion grind,’ this type of grind will often produce weaker coffee as the hot water is unable to pass through the grind in a balanced way.

Medium-Coarse Grind

Although finer than a coarse grind, the medium-coarse grid can still be considered large and is commonly used with pour-over coffee brewers.

Medium Grind

The medium grind has a consistency that is like sand and is a popular grind overall. The medium grid is ideal for drip brewing coffee makers.

Medium-Fine Grind

The medium-fine grind is said to be the preferred grind for pour-over coffee makers, but of course people can have their own preference. The consistency of this grind means that there is little chance of it sticking together as shown with larger grinds, allowing for more body in the finished cup of coffee.

Fine Grind

As the name suggests, the consistency of this grind is fine and can be compared to salt. The fine grind is often the first choice for espresso machines as it packs together well and allows the boiling water to fall through effortlessly.

The Origin of the Coffee Beans Can Affect the Profile and Character

Coffee is popular all over the world, but it is important to remember that people experience coffee in many ways. Although the taste of coffee from each country cannot be generalised, there are some factors that need to be considered when searching for the perfect coffee bean.

Coffee beans grown in Africa often have a fruity taste and contain high acidity, while coffee beans grown in Central America create full-bodied coffee.

This is not a preferred country of origin, as each will have their qualities and characteristics, but it is a factor worth considering when wanting to create your perfect coffee.

There are several factors to be considered when finding the perfect coffee, and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

However, those with a passion for coffee will enjoy the experience, and will soon find their perfect coffee in an organic way, and even discover some unique and innovative options in the meantime.


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