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How Do You Find the Right Coffee Roast?

Dark roasting coffee beans were initially introduced to mask the flavour of cheap coffee beans. The roasting of the beans would alter the cells of the coffee bean to omit the bitter taste.

However, as with other coffee, roasted coffee beans have become popular, especially among those wanting to try new iterations of coffee.

Those that enjoy dark-roasted coffee beans will often consume their coffee with milk or cream, which helps add some balance to the bitter flavour present and is ideal for those that like strong-tasting coffee full of body.

Many find their perfect coffee roast by sampling what is available, but you can help narrow the search if you know what type of taste you are looking for regarding coffee beans.

The following is a breakdown of the type of coffee you should consider when searching for particular notes and aromas.

Chocolate and Caramel

The caramel and chocolate notes present in coffee are enhanced by the roasting experience, so those looking for nutty and cocoa-based notes are advised to attempt a medium-dark roast.

Citrus and Floral

Light and medium roasted coffee beans are the perfect way of capturing citrus and floral notes, as the process brings out the acidity to deliver a clean taste that will often be full of antioxidants.

Nuts and Spice

The nuttiness and spice can depend on the brand of coffee bean chosen, but Brazilian coffee beans have been shown to offer several notes reminiscent of toasted almonds and macadamias as well as sweet spices including cloves and cinnamon.


Given coffee beans are seeds of a fruit, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of fruity options regarding coffee. The lighter the roast, the more fruiter notes you will notice when experiencing coffee.

Naturally, processed coffee beans are the best when it comes to achieving fruit-based notes, as the process used ensures the sugars of the fruit are absorbed into the coffee bean.

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