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How to Prolong the Life of Your Espresso Maker

Purchasing an espresso maker or coffee machine can mean that you can try different blends of coffee effortlessly, but it is crucial to ensure that the product is looked after. Although many espresso machines are resilient, neglecting their upkeep could mean leaving you with less-than-desirable coffee.

Fortunately, some steps can be taken to ensure that you get the most from your espresso machine regarding value and performance. 

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Although many coffee machines provide a self-cleaning option, it can still be worthwhile carrying your own cleaning to ensure the machine remains in good working order. You should also attempt to clean up spills as soon as possible, especially if they are on the hotplate or need the electronic components of the machine.

Daily cleaning of the machine should include wiping down the exterior and removing any excess coffee grounds.

Make Sure to Descale Your Coffee Machine

As well as containing a self-cleaning function, some espresso makers also offer an automatic descaling feature. However, if this feature is not present on your coffee machine, you will need to use an alternative method for descaling.

One of the most effective and straightforward solutions is using a descaling product n or a mix of vinegar and water. If you find that limescale is an ongoing issue, bottled water may be worthwhile.

Keen Your Cleaning Equipment Fresh

There can be a multitude of tools available that help people keep their coffee machines clean. However, if you clean brushes, clothes are other items regularly, they will have little effect when cleaning your coffee machine.

Although the surface may appear clean, using clothes and brushes over and over means they are full of bacteria and germs. Keeping your cleaning materials fresh ensures that your coffee machine is the cleanest it can be.

Make Sure Your Warranty is Registered

Wear and tear are commonplace on many appliances, but this does not mean a coffee machine should stop working after a few weeks. Investing in a coffee machine that has been recognised for its quality is a good start, but there can be times when even the best espresso machine becomes defective.

Many manufacturers will offer some form of warranty that allows you to rectify faults within a given timeframe without any additional cost. Those that have invested a lot of money in their coffee machine may also want to ensure their home instance covers the appliance.

How Long Should an Espresso Machine Last?

A coffee machine can last five to ten years, sometimes even longer, with the right amount of care.

When investing in a coffee machine, many will want to ensure they are getting good value for money. However, the amount of time a coffee machine will serve you well can depend on several factors, including the quality of the coffee machine and the number of times it is used.

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