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Light Roasted Coffee Beans Explained

As the name suggests, light roasted coffee beans have a light body and will often retain the original flavour of the bean.

The colour of the bean is a light brown and can be considered the most natural form of coffee.

There is no oil on the surface of the coffee beans, and introduces a mellow aroma partnered with bright flavours. Those that enjoy light roasted coffee beans will need to ensure that they purchase high-quality coffee beans, as using cheaper alternatives is not a good fit for fans of light roasting.

Light roasted coffee beans also deliver more benefits including improved mood and productivity due to little change regarding the cell structure of the coffee bean.

The vast selection of coffee available means that there are many flavours and variations available, but many report floral and fruity flavours.

The light roast is normally preferred by those wanting to enjoy the healthy benefits of coffee, as well as those that like to trace the origin and structure of their coffee beans.

However, light-roasted coffee is also becoming popular among those wanting to explore what the world of coffee has to offer and can be an excellent change for those that normally consume full-bodied coffee.

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