Make the Perfect Black Forest Gateau with Monin black forest syrup

The Black Forest Forest Gateau is an indulgent treat that offers a bold and rich taste that balances sweet and sour perfectly. Some may assume the name is derived from the wooded mountain range in South West Germany, but it actually refers to a liquor made from tart cherries.

This indulgent and delicious taste is now available in liquid form, and Monin Black Forest Syrup can be used in many ways. Maybe you are searching for a fruit addition to coffee? Or add some sophistication to sodas?

The possibilities are endless when using Monin Black Forest Syrup.


  • Create Unique Coffee
  • A Superb Syrup for Sodas
  • A Marvellous Mixer
  • Can Also Be Used for Cooking


  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Natural Flavourings
  • Cocoa Flavouring
  • Lemon Juice
  • Cherry Juice

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