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What is Cold Brewed Coffee?

Cold brewed coffee is prepared by placing ground coffee beans in water that sits at room temperature for a maximum of 12 hours. The concentrate created is then mixed with cold water or milk.

The taste of cold brewed coffee has smoother properties than coffee prepared using hot water and has an aroma and taste with notes of chocolate.

What Is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is prepared hot to extract the flavour and then poured over ice. The different preparation means that while as refreshing as cold-brewed coffee, there can be a difference when the taste.

The taste is not unpleasant but will have more in common with hot brewed coffee for obvious reasons.

Both iterations of coffee can be enjoyed in many ways, an example of which is as follows.

Iced Espresso

Remarkably like an iced coffee, an espresso is used instead, and is mixed with milk or cream. Flavour can be added in various ways, but even using a sweetener makes the iced espresso the perfect antidote for a hot day.


The Nitro is a new addition to the world of cold-brewed coffee, taking its inspiration from home-brewing beer lovers.

The drink is created using cold-brewed coffee in partnership with nitrogen gas, which helps achieve a frothy layer that lasts top to bottom. This innovative take has taken the coffee industry by storm thanks to its sweet and velvety taste.


Mazagran is prepared by pouring hot coffee over ice. There can be differences depending on the original of the mazagran, including the addition of rum in Portuguese variations.

The name of the drink is believed to stem from a fortress located in Algiers, Algeria. During 1837, many colonial troops would enjoy a version of the drink which has evolved vastly since its inception.

The Mazagran is served in a tall glass, which has led to many French coffees also served in glassed to be referred to as mazagran.


Although considered a conventional option in the creative world of coffee, this favourite among the masses can still be enjoyed in different ways.

The popularity of the name has meant many variations have been unveiled, and not all of them are created using coffee.

If you are searching for the best Frappuccino experience possible, then make sure your beverage is prepared using premium coffee beans roasted in the correct way.  

Es Alpukat Kopi 

If you have already sampled some of the more popular cold brewed and iced coffee available and are searching for some inspiration, then why not consider an Indonesian take on iced coffee. 

The name of this innovative iced coffee is taken from the Indonesian word for avocado. Avocados are considered fruits in Southeast Asia, so it is not uncommon for iced coffee lovers to combine the taste of avocado with vanilla and condensed milk.

Yoghurt Coffee 

Yoghurt coffee derives from Vietname and is another unique take on a classic beverage. Due to Vietnam growing robusta beans, the taste of the coffee is often bitter. 

To combat this, vanilla yoghurt and sweetened condensed milk is added and poured over ice that helps deliver a smoothie like consistency and a sweet and sour taste. 

When enjoying an a cold brewed coffee, the brewing process is much longer, as there is no use of hot water. Iced coffee is quicker to prepare, but there is little reason why coffee enthusiasts cannot enjoy both.

Those who enjoy cold brewed coffee will need to be mindful that the brewing process can take as long as 24 hours, but once you become familiar with the process it should not take too long to gain momentum.

There are machines available that can aid with the production of both iced coffee and cold brewed coffee, but to get the best from both iterations, the right type of coffee beans needs to be used.

Searching for great value is understandable, but there is nothing more frustrating than cold brewing coffee beans, only to find that the taste is lacklustre.

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