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Despite how delicious coffee is, there will be times when people want a break from caffeine. Fortunately, this does not mean having to give up their coffee experience, as they can take advantage of Decaf Beans.

However, there can be instances where using decaffeinated coffee beans offers a lacklustre experience, but this does not have to be the case. Lissons understands coffee is about more than caffeine, it is about body, flavour and aroma.

This is why it ensures the flavour and aroma are at the forefront of every iteration of coffee, even the decaffeinated options, as made evident by Decaf Beans.
This blend of coffee is produced using 50% Arabica from Columbia and 40% Robusta beans from India, which have been put through a stringent 100% water decaffeination process.

This ensures you are still receiving the chocolate and nutty notes of Arabica and the boldness of robusta.

Other decaffeinated coffee blends may use chemicals during the decaffeination process, but those that shop with Lissons for their coffee beans can be confident of a completely organic process that retains the excellent taste and aroma many expect from their coffee experience.

If you believed that cutting out caffeine meant avoiding delicious coffee, then think again, as the delicious and aromatic taste of Decaf Beans ensures the taste is just as delicious as its caffeine-based counterparts.

Not only does LIssons offer several blends, it also ensures the shelf life of delicious Decaf Beans can be retained for up to 12 months when unopened.