If you enjoy coffee with a strong body that is not overwhelming, then why not consider the Peruvian Triple Certified blend available from Lissons?

The coffee beans used in the creation of Peruvian Triple Certified Coffee are grown in the shade and high altitude and hand-picked, which can be one of the reasons why the Peruvian Triple Certified coffee is a hit among those searching for a coffee with a nutty body and notes of vanilla.

Although there are many that enjoy the boldness of coffee, others will want to enjoy elements that are offset with sweet and nutty notes, which is exactly what Peruvian Triple Certified coffee offers.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of lattes or espressos, those wanting to up the ante when enjoying a cup of coffee will enjoy the luxurious overtures of this exclusive blend. This is a well-rounded coffee that is light and refreshing, and the ideal blend for those that enjoy a bold coffee not too overwhelming.

Customers can also be confident that the coffee stays fresh, thanks to the use of nitrogen during the packaging process. This ensures that all coffee beans and blends offered by Lissons retain their freshness for 12 months unopened.

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