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Guatemala Coffee Beans

Regardless of whether you are enthusiastic about espressos or crazy about cappuccinos, Guatemalan Coffee Beans from Lissons are the perfect choice in both instances.

One of the reasons why so many people enjoy Guatemalan Coffee Beans from Lissons is due to the number of different roasts that can be achieved, but this is not the only reason why there is a demand for these exotic coffee beans.

Coffee beans grown in Guatemala have a light and bright taste with a rich flavour reminiscent of chocolate, partnered with a sweetness that can be compared to coffee or caramel.

Not only does Lissons offer the best coffee beans money can buy, but can also assure customers that all coffee beans reach their destination with the same freshness intact.

The packaging used also ensures the freshness of the coffee beans is retained for a longer period, ensuring that the customer is never having to deal with spoiled coffee beans.

If you are searching for coffee beans that are aromatic, delicious, and flexible, then look no further than Guatemalan Coffee Beans.