Different Types of Coffee: What Options are Available?

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The taste of coffee can be experienced in a multitude of ways. As well as being enjoyed as a beverage, coffee has also become the main ingredient of many dishes and desserts.

However, when experiencing the same type of coffee again and again, it is not unusual to want to be inspired by unique coffee blends.

The following is an overview of some of the most popular coffee enjoyed and showcases precisely how much choice there is regarding coffee.


Americano is often compared to black coffee, but there is a difference in taste. This is because the espresso is diluted in hot water, offering a different taste sensation.

If you assumed that Americano and black coffee were one and the same, then why not try something different that still offers the delicious and aroma of black coffee.


Those that enjoy the combination of strong-tasting coffee with a delicious cream aftertaste will often choose the affogato as their drink of choice. The beautiful combination of dark flavours and creamy textures is prepared using one or two shots of espresso along with a scoop of ice cream.

If you want to enhance your enjoyment of affogato further, then why not try it with a brownie. The affogato showcases just how diverse coffee can be, and how perfectly it complements a series of other flavours.


Although black coffee is simple, it is still one of the most popular ways of enjoying the delicious beverage.

Black coffee is prepared by placing ground beans in hot water and is then served warm. Despite being one of the most popular ways of making coffee, there are still those that are yet to sample this full-bodied experience.  

Café au Lait

The Café au Lait is another simple approach to coffee that delivers delicious results. The beverage is prepared by mixing quality parts of steamed milk and coffee. The name is French and translates to “coffee with milk.”

Although a simple take on coffee, a Café au Lait is an excellent introductory coffee for those trying out different roasts for the first time.


Cortado is a type of coffee created using equal measures of espresso and warm milk. The cortado variation of coffee can often be confused with a flat white.

Although the confusion is understandable, there is a subtle difference between the two that can change the characteristic of coffee.


The name ‘Doppio’ derives from the Italian ‘double.’ The preparation of the coffee is the same as an espresso, only a double shot is used. Ideal for those looking for some extra pep in the morning, although could be overwhelming for those trying coffee for the first time.

Flat White

Not many people know that the flat white derives from Australia, and that is because this simple but effective take on coffee has become a standard choice for many. The flat white retains the strong taste of coffee, with creamy overtures created by using a small amount of steamed milk.


Another popular coffee is the latte, which is produced with a shot of espresso and topped with steamed milk. There are many variations available when consuming latte, as there are several types of syrup that can be used to enhance the taste, including caramel, vanilla, and pumpkin spice.


Regardless of whether you are exploring coffee for the first time or have been fortunate enough to try many of the delicious variations available, most people are familiar with an Irish coffee.

Although not one for the morning, the coffee created using black coffee, whisky and sugar can be the perfect nightcap, or an ideal beverage for the cold winter nights.


Although an espresso shot is used in the creation of the ristretto, the taste is much sweeter as less hot water is used.

The Ristretto is made using the same amount of ground coffee, but the extraction process is carried out using a finer grind.


Lungo is Italian for ‘long pull.’ Traditionally created using an espresso machine, the long pull results in twice as much water being used in partnership with a shot of espresso. This results in a larger coffee, but without having to worry about too much caffeine.


Many people enjoy the full-bodied taste of coffee, whereas others are keen to try coffee with complementary additions, and chocolate is a popular choice.

The mocha combines a chocolate espresso with steamed milk and foam for a delicious beverage that produces luxurious chocolate notes and delectable aromas.


Like the latte, there can be several variations of the cappuccino, but it is conventionally prepared using espresso and steamed milk that is closer to a foam than milk used to make a latte.

There can be some instances where the milk is substituted for cream, and will often be garnished with some chocolate, allowing for a heavenly experience.

Red Eye

Despite the Red Eye being a popular choice among coffee connoisseurs, those sampling different variations of coffee for the first time may be unsure of what a red eye consists of.

Espresso is used in partnership with brewed coffee and is another style of coffee that is popular among those that like a kickstart from their caffeinated beverage.

The different types of coffee listed are simply an overview of the delicious options available, with many more innovative takes on classic recipes being unveiled all the time.

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